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Download Manager 38

Downloading files using Download Manager in Android

Download Manager Download Manager is a system service which allows to handle long-running HTTP downloads in the background and notify the triggering application via a broadcast receiver once the download is finished. It was...

ViewPager Tabs 15

Create a simple ViewPager Tabs in Android

ViewPager Tabs In this tutorial focussed on beginners we will see how to create a VIewPager with Tabs in Android. The ViewPager Tabs setup is pretty simple and discussed below. The Sample Source Code...

Navigation Drawer 2

Navigation Drawer with Toolbar in Android

In this quick and easy tutorial we will see how to set up a Navigation Drawer with Toolbar. The combination of Navigation Drawer + Toolbar is widely used in apps now a days. So...

Shared Preferences 2

Shared Preferences in Android explained in detail

What is Shared Preferences? Shared Preferences is one of the ways to store data persistently in Android application. Here the data is stored in Key-Value pair. It is simple and easy to implement compared...

Read SMS 9

Read sms messages programatically in Android

Read SMS In this tutorial we will see how to listen and read SMS programatically in Android. This feature is widely used in Apps to read OTPs and Secret Codes automatically without the need...