Update : Fetch calories and steps using Google Fit API for any date

Google Fit API

Anu S Pillai

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3 Responses

  1. Apurv Pandey says:

    Calories received from API response and in G-fit app DO NOT MATCH.
    when I debugged, I found that start date and end date remains same while fetching steps. However, it changes while fetching calories. I’m not setting any date. I’m just fetching date using : dp.getStartTime(TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS) & dp.getEndTime(TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS).
    Any idea why??
    how can I fix this??

  2. Danish says:

    You Should upload full code

  3. Android dev says:

    Getting wrong calorie data. even google fit app was not installed on my android device, it shows around 1450 calorie daily during that duration and getting total calorie around 48K for a month. When I see in graph in google fit app itself, it shows minimum calorie burned around 1450 for most of days when my app was not installed and getting same data in api. However in google fit app report, it shows actual calorie of 8k. Any way to get this 8k actually burned (active/inactive) calories?

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