Fetch active calories burned from Google Fit Android API

Google Fit

Anu S Pillai

The Admin at GadgetSaint.com

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6 Responses

  1. Lucian says:

    Do u have a git.hub link for the entire code? I am missing something because the selectedDate and expendedCalories are giving me an error *cannot resolve symbol*

  2. Anu S Pillai says:

    Right now there is no Github link for this tutorial. I will add it soon.

  3. haris says:

    how can i get week wise or month wise data from google fit ?
    please guide me

  4. Ayush Garg says:

    Hey, this code is very helpful but it gives me the inactive + active calories. I want only the active calories using Google fit, how can i get it.

  5. apurv says:

    Calories received from API response and in G-fit app DO NOT MATCH.
    when I debugged, I found that start date and end date remains same while fetching steps. However, it changes while fetching calories. I’m not setting any date. I’m just fetching date using : dp.getStartTime(TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS) & dp.getEndTime(TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS).
    Any idea why??
    how can I fix this??

  6. raz says:

    Thanks so much for this. Saved my life

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